What Causes The Skin To Age?

There are countless things that causes our skin to age. Some we can influence but others we cannot do anything about. For instance, we cannot change the natural aging process and this plays a key role in causing our skin to age.

It is very natural for our skin to lose some of its youthful glow and with time, we all get some visible lines on our face. Our genetic makeup largely controls when we start noticing our skin becoming drier and thinner. But, we are going to look at very effective ways of slowing down the skin aging process as we progress in the book.

However, aside from the natural aging process, here are the major culprits responsible for aging your skin:


Did you know that a single puff of cigarette smoke emits approximately 40,000 free radicals? These free radicals deplete your body of vitamin C and thus accelerate the aging process.

Sleepless Nights

Beauty sleep is so aptly named as this is the time your body recovers from the strenuous day’s activities. Additionally, sleep helps regulate the secretion of chemicals and hormones that are responsible for immunity and vitality.

Lack of adequate sleep causes an imbalance of these vital hormones as your body is forced to be in ‘active mode’ when it should actually be resting. The result? Your immunity is compromised, allowing pathogens into your system.

Remember, your skin is a mirror image of your overall health and so a compromised immunity will manifest as dull skin, stress lines, slack pores, and general tissue damage.

Excessive Fitness

We all know that keeping fit helps regulate circulation and the inflow of oxygen into your skin cells, giving you a beautiful and radiant glow.  But did you also know that too much exercise can have the complete opposite effect?

Too much exercise triggers your body to produce reactive oxygen, which can become too much for our natural antioxidant defense. As a result, your body starts extracting antioxidants from your tissues to counter the reactive oxygen. In the end, your skin is left dry and damaged.


Show me your skin and I will be able to tell you what you eat. If you are constantly snacking on junk food then your skin is going to look like junk. If you regularly indulge in antioxidant rich foods, your skin is going to be the true picture of health and the ultimate fountain of youth.

Later on, we are going to look at the perfect ‘skin foods’.

Too Much Sun

Who doesn’t like a good summer tan? But, before you get into your bikini and hit the beach, you should know that sun exposure is the number one culprit when it comes to brown spots, wrinkles, slack skin, dry skin…I could go on and on. Do not be seduced by the lure of a beautiful bronzed tan and forget the negative implications it could have on your skin.
Use collagen-rich sunscreen creams and most of all, stay away from the scorching sun at peak times!

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