The various skin care benefits of coconut oil are given below

Promotes younger looking skin:

The skin begins to look dull and lifeless due to the layer of dead skin on it. Skin has a natural process of shedding the dead skin so that the younger, fresher looking skin that is present just below this layer comes out front. However, with age the frequency of this process slows down. However, coconut oil acts as a great exfoliate, and helps peel off the dead skin cells so that the inner layer of the skin emerges, making it look younger and fresher.

As a great massage oil:

Coconut oil is very effective as massage oil both for the skin and the hair. A good massage soothes and relaxes the skin, making it feel rejuvenated. Regular massages help in improving blood circulation in the body, thus helping to get rid of problems like darkened skin and dark circles

As a moisturizer:

Cold pressed coconut oil works as an effective moisturizer for it provides minerals and vitamins to the skin. A good quality virgin coconut oil is excellent for the skin as it provides nourishment into the deep layers of the skin. In order to use the oil as a moisturizer or as a cold cream, you can whip coconut oil to give it an airy, creamy texture and then apply it.

As a healing agent:

Due to the presence of medium chain fatty acids present in the oil, this provides a smooth and soothing effect to the skin. It helps in healing wounds caused by acne, boils, cuts, etc. In case you are suffering from any dryness or itchiness of the skin, coconut helps in soothing the irritation. Hence, coconut oil has strong anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties. It is effective even for conditions like dermatitis and psoriasis.

As an anti oxidant:

The ageing, fine lines and wrinkles on our skin are caused due to free radicals present in the skin. Coconut oil contains components like ferulic acid and p-coumaric acid, which helps in fighting these free radicals. Hence, coconut oil has strong anti oxidant properties. Coconut oil application smoothens out the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the skin.

As an effective deodorant:

Body odor is not caused by the sweat but due to the action of bacteria and microbes that are present on our skin. Coconut Oil’s antibacterial properties help in eliminating body odor. The medium chain fatty acids in the coconut oil do not allow the bacteria to thrive and grow and hence, sweat by itself then retains its natural odorless form. The correct way to combat body odor is through application of coconut oil in the problem areas like the arm pits.
Coconut oil forms a very economical and effective option for skin care and hair care. It is quite harmless and very natural with no side effects and can be used to combat a number of skin and hair related issues, as also for improved hair and skin health.