Why Skin Care Is Important?

Individuals throughout the world cherish their skin, lavishing it in seemingly high quality products. However, there is a segment of the population that neglects their skin entirely, disregarding its overall health and well being. They think, “It’s just skin. It doesn’t hold the same place and importance as my heart or liver.” However, the skin is just as sensitive as any other organ system in the entire human body. The integumentary system consists of three layers, and it is essentially the first line of defense that your body has against microbial invaders, bacteria, fungus and other harmful microbes. Without skin, our organs would be susceptible to infection and our bodies would be ridden with harmful parasites, among other things. You see, the skin plays an indispensable role in preventing infections and harmful pathogens from entering our bodies. In essence, it contributes to the immune system.

What happens when an individual disregards the importance of skin care? Unfortunately, skin cancer is one of the most malignant cancers to ever befall the human species. Without sufficient skin care, an individual is at much higher risk for skin cancer. Malignant cancers such as these are often difficult to detect initially, making them all the more insidious. Another reason why proper skin care is so essential is because flippant disregard for one’s skin often leads to the development of premature aging.

Over the years, the likelihood of developing wrinkles and fine lines is magnified exponentially. Crow’s feet, smile lines, frown lines, and other wrinkles begin to develop. Skin that was initially vibrant and youthful suddenly becomes aged and leather-like. Hence, if anything, people should preserve their skin for the sake of retaining their youth and beauty. A consistent skin care regimen will equate to fewer wrinkles, bags and fine lines. Furthermore, it will prevent the skin from sagging, as well.

A loss of skin elasticity is another common sign of age that people try to forgo at all costs. While some loss of elasticity is normal as one ages, some people age drastically because they lack a proper skin care regimen. The skin relies on the production of both collagen and elastin to retain its tightness and youth. The more effort that one exerts on taking care of their skin, the more elastin and collagen that individual will produce. Without these essential skin care tips, skin will gradually begin to appear holly and saggy.

Another common skin ailment experienced by many people is stretch marks. This usually occurs when the skin is stretched beyond its normal capacity, and it cannot produce enough elastin and collagen to compensate for it. When this occurs, stretch marks begin to develop. However, people who replenish the Vitamin E, elastin and collagen in their skin with the proper products are less likely to develop this issue.

Generally, people who disregard skin care will produce excess oil, or yield very dry skin. The excessive production of oil can give rise to acne, which can prove to be a great disturbance for one’s confidence and physical appearance, as well. Dry skin appears dull and robs skin of its natural youth. As you can see, skin care is absolutely essential in the context of attending to your overall, holistic health. The lotions that you select can mean the difference between healthy, unsightly skin and beautiful skin.